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Nanjing has a long and distinguished history during its long existence, there has been a settlement on the site of the present day city since at least the fifth century BC. The city has been the capital of China or what was then regarded as China on a number of occasions from the third century AD until as recently as the 20th century.
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The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit system to ease the transport needs of the city’s residents and visitors since it was first introduced in 1975. The system uses both subway or underground lines as well as a light railway and was the third city of mainland China behind both Beijing and Tianjin to use such a transit system.
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After a recent visit to the city of Shanghai I decided to write a review of the hotel I stayed in during my visit. This hotel is best described as being within the range of the lower budget traveller although on this particular visit I found the price to be very acceptable.
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Highlights of the Summer Palace is Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake, Suzhou Street, East Palace Gate. Nearby the Summer Palace you can also visit Ruins of Yuanmingyuan Park, Fragrance Hill and Beijing Zoo.
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Beijing underground city beijing dixia cheng travel guide beijing china
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This is a short list of some cultural differences between China and the US. It is meant as some informational observations of Chinese life as compared to life in America
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Among the numerous ethnic groups in China, Han Chinese is the largest one. Nearly 91.59% of the Chinese population belongs to the Han Chinese ethnic group. The number of Han Chinese population is approximately 1.2 billion.
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Chinese pagodas. Chinese dynastic timelines. Buddhist shrines. Guatama Buddha. Indian stupa. China's oldest pagoda. China's tallest pagoda. monks prayer hall. China's oldest temple.
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Tian'anmen - the Gate of Heavenly Peace How to get there:high recommended use English service
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Simatai Great wall which is known for its wonderful, precipitous and fantastic location is sited at Gubeikou Town in the north-east of Beijing
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River Yangzte Cruises, A guide to River Yangzte cruises.Travelling the River Yangzte in China. Yangzte River cruises, China Yangzte cruises. Visiting the Three Gorges Dam on the River Yangzte. Visiting Chengdu Giant Panda Reserve on the River yangzte. Visiting Nanjing on the River Yangzte, Chongquing River Yangzte, Mount Huang River Yangzte, Wu Gorge River Yangzte, Qinling River Yangzte. River Yangzte cruises.
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A guide to Shanghai.Shanghai is China's largest city, shanghai is the largest city in the world. Shanghai guide.Shanghai attractions,
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A guide to Taiwan. The island of Taiwan lies 120 km from the coast of the Peoples Republic of China.The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.taiwan is also known as the Republic of China.
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Facts about China.The Peoples Republic of China. China geography.Chinese facts and figures. China facts.Chinese New Year. China language.China map. China list of provinces.China facts. China geography.
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