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Nanjing has a long and distinguished history during its long existence, there has been a settlement on the site of the present day city since at least the fifth century BC. The city has been the capital of China or what was then regarded as China on a number of occasions from the third century AD until as recently as the 20th century.
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A question was placed on the Knoji questions and answers seeking information about the vaccinations that visitors to China are required to have before entering the country. I answered the question but also felt this enquiry could be answered in more detail in an article. I have been based in China since early 2010 and these findings are from having personal knowledge of the country.
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The railway system in China is an extensive service operated by the Ministry of Railways under the title of China Railway. Apart from some commuter services in and around the major cityÂ’s most trains in operation are long distance services and cover the length of the country with 91,000km of track or over 56,500 miles in use, with more than 3,500 passenger trains in operation every day.
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Yunnan is a province located in the southern part of China. The province contains one of the largest and most extensive limestone regions in the world. Yunnan Rock Forest is a bizarre forest of gigantic limestone towers and clustered monoliths. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this geological wonder in China.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 70 months ago in China | +6 votes | 2 comments
The illegal practice of selling train tickets through scalpers or touts has long been practiced in Chinese railway stations for many years, often right under the noses of the officials supposedly in place to restrict this service. A new system for buying tickets has recently been introduced in an attempt to stop this practice.
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The city of Wuhan is known as the crossroads of China as it sits alongside the River Yangtze where it meets the Han River as well as being a point where many arterial roads and railways meet.
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This article talks about the environmental pollution in China.
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The Forbidden City was once the home of the Chinese Emperors and an area strictly forbidden to the Chinese people, this palace complex is now visited by thousands of people daily and is one of the top attractions in the city of Beijing.
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The city of Beijing has many attractions for the visitor. Depending on how long a visit to the city each visitor may have determines what attractions they may visit. Tiananmen Square is one location not to be missed.
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This art form is often referred to by its Japanese name of Origami but evidence shows that it may well have been popular in at least three other locations long before this craft developed in Japan.
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Description of the Chinese city of Harbin, its history and the Ice Festival that attracts many visitors to the city each winter.
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best places to see in Chengdu, China
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Among the numerous ethnic groups in China, Han Chinese is the largest one. Nearly 91.59% of the Chinese population belongs to the Han Chinese ethnic group. The number of Han Chinese population is approximately 1.2 billion.
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Chinese pagodas. Chinese dynastic timelines. Buddhist shrines. Guatama Buddha. Indian stupa. China's oldest pagoda. China's tallest pagoda. monks prayer hall. China's oldest temple.
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Simatai Great wall which is known for its wonderful, precipitous and fantastic location is sited at Gubeikou Town in the north-east of Beijing
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River Yangzte Cruises, A guide to River Yangzte cruises.Travelling the River Yangzte in China. Yangzte River cruises, China Yangzte cruises. Visiting the Three Gorges Dam on the River Yangzte. Visiting Chengdu Giant Panda Reserve on the River yangzte. Visiting Nanjing on the River Yangzte, Chongquing River Yangzte, Mount Huang River Yangzte, Wu Gorge River Yangzte, Qinling River Yangzte. River Yangzte cruises.
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A guide to Shanghai.Shanghai is China's largest city, shanghai is the largest city in the world. Shanghai guide.Shanghai attractions,
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Facts about China.The Peoples Republic of China. China geography.Chinese facts and figures. China facts.Chinese New Year. China language.China map. China list of provinces.China facts. China geography.
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