Environmental Pollution in China
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Environmental Pollution in China

This article talks about the environmental pollution in China.


Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem i.e. physical systems or living organisms. In this case study we will look into how to environmental pollution stresses on the ecological system in China and hence disrupting its sustainable development and threatening the productivity of the ecological system in China, hence, creating a positive feedback from the normal ecological system.


Case Study of Environmental Pollution in China

Environmental pollution is a serious problem in faced by citizens in China. Water pollution is a source of health problems across the country, and air pollution causes up to 1,750,000 premature deaths each year. Not only air pollution and water pollution is contributing to the stress on the ecological system in China; land/soil erosion plays a part too. Domestic sewage and chemical dispositions from factories comes out without being treated.

Causes of the environmental pollution in China

There are numerous causes of the environmental pollution in China. These causes include:

1. The massive introduction of harmful gases (carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide) and substances into the air and the atmosphere by chemical factories, when they are in process

2. Volcanic eruptions that releases ash, smoke and harmful gases which will contaminate the surrounding air

3. Forest fires, which will destroy trees and, hence, causes soil erosion when the soil is washed downwards into the streams.

4. Vehicles which release carbon monoxide and cause air pollution.

5. Industrial accidents like the explosion of the Jilin Chemical Industrial Co. which causes the release of harmful gases into the surroundings.

6. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers disposed into the rivers, polluting the river.

7. Oil spills causes water pollution.

How stress is threatening the productivity of the ecological system of China

The causes of the environmental pollution in China would cause a huge damage to the productivity of the ecological system of China, decreasing its productivity and might terminate the whole ecological system in the years to come if humans do not take preventive measure to counter the stress(s). Then, the supply of clean air and food, etc would diminish and the whole ecosystem would die.

For example, if water pollution takes place, and water gets polluted, marine life, such as fishes, would die and in a result, it decomposes and, because of the process of decomposition, the oxygen amount in the river decreases and the amount of carbon dioxide increase. The amount of oxygen would decrease until a time where there is not enough oxygen in the water to supply the rest of the marine life and they will get suffocated. Domestic sewage and chemical dispositions from factories comes out without being treated and some people, who are surviving on the river for food and water also suffered from cancer for eating the poisonous fishes which had been exposed to these poisonous chemicals.

In conclusion, if the stress is not countered, the ecological system will exceed its threshold and the system will eventually collapse.


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Comments (8)

A sad read full of facts that are todays news stories. Thank you for the indepth info. Promoted.

Great information and pictures; good presentation.

Ranked #4 in China

horrifying cases of pollution in China! good of you to disclose them so more people are aware of the condition.

Very informative article on environmental pollution, that is serious threat to the whole world. Voted up

Well, it's a shame there's a limit to how much we can help. :O My Dad visited Hong Kong Last Christmas, lots of cars like you said, well pollution. As long as there's competition, consumerism, industry, business, products, and humans, it'll carry on sadly.

The pictures really drive home the point about China's pollution problem. So many deaths per year was shocking to read.

Returning with a well deserved vote up.

I knew it was bad, but I was not aware it was this bad...great read voted