How to Find a Cheap but Safe Hotel in Wuhan, China
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How to Find a Cheap but Safe Hotel in Wuhan, China

The city of Wuhan is known as the crossroads of China as it sits alongside the River Yangtze where it meets the Han River as well as being a point where many arterial roads and railways meet.

The city of Wuhan is known as the crossroads of China as it sits alongside the River Yangtze where it meets the Han River as well as being a point where many arterial roads and railways meet. The modern city is the capital of Hubei province and was first named in the late 1920’s with the three cities of Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang becoming one larger city.

It has a history dating back over 3,500 years and the city receives many visitors each year both from China and overseas. It is listed as one of China’s Famous Cities of History and Culture, together with the large East Lake there are several sites of historical interest to attract visitors. The most famous landmark in the city is the Yellow Crane Tower.

To sufficiently cater for the needs of its visitors the city has a variety of hotels to suit all types of budgets. Many deals can be found on websites such as this site has prices on hotels ranging from small family run establishments to multinational chains of hotels. This site also has information on local attractions and things to do during your stay in the city.

One way to find a cheap but safe hotel during your stay in Wuhan is to do some research online before arriving. If you book a stay in advance and outside of the major periods of travel in China you may be able to negotiate a more favourable price than if you just arrive without a booking in the hope of finding a place to stay.

A favourable way to reduce the cost of your hotel accommodation is to combine the booking of your flight to the city with that of your hotel. By combining the two and booking both through one online travel agent or booking service can save you vast amounts in pounds or dollars and through a little negotiation you may be able to secure a booking at even a high quality western style hotel for either a low nightly rate or at little more than the initial price you may have been prepared to pay for just your flight.

The following websites each have details on a variety of small hotels and hostels available in and around Wuhan.

They provide a choice of accommodation suitable for all budgets to cater for the needs of all its visitors. The accommodation choices available on the websites listed above is complete with detailed information on the facilities available at each location. Reviews written by previous guest’s list things such as the cleanliness of the rooms and common areas, how knowledgeable or helpful are the establishments staff as well as how safe and secure is the building and its surroundings.


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You have done great job . . .

Thanks John, you surely are the expert on travel!!! xoxoxo

Excellent article John!

Valuable travel guide in China for economy and safety.

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