Top Attractions in Beijing- Tiananmen Square
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Top Attractions in Beijing- Tiananmen Square

The city of Beijing has many attractions for the visitor. Depending on how long a visit to the city each visitor may have determines what attractions they may visit. Tiananmen Square is one location not to be missed.

Beijing, the capital city of China receives millions of visitors each year. Depending on how long each visitor may have to explore the city can determine the places they visit. The city has many attractions both large and small, here is one of the city’s top tourist attractions in the heart of that bustling city.

Tiananmen Square is one of the best places to begin a tour of the city, it is located in the centre of Beijing and across the road from the Forbidden City. Parades are held here and every day at sunrise and sunset the Chinese flag is raised or lowered in a ceremony worth watching as the Chinese military proudly perform this daily event.

Tiananmen Square was built in 1651, in the 1950’s it was extended. The square today is four times the size of the original one. It covers an area of 440.000 square metres and measures 880 metres by 500. Tiananmen Gate, which literally means Heaven’s Gate is at the northern end of the square and today is used as the southern entrance to the Forbidden City.

The square can get very crowded, it is the largest one of its type in the world and is a good location to get a first glimpse of the exterior of the Forbidden City on its northern side. The portrait of Chairman Mao above the entrance is the focus of millions of pictures taken from the square.

Tiananmen Square is surrounded by museums and other notable or imposing buildings. The Great Hall of the People is situated on the western edge of the square, this is the meeting place for the People’s Republic of China’s National Congress. Across the square on its opposite side is the National Museum of China. At its south eastern corner is a museum dedicated to the Chinese Railway system with Xianmen, an ancient gateway into the city being the large structure at the southern edge of Tiananmen Square.

In the square itself is the monument to the People’s Heroes and the Mausoleum holding Chairman Mao. This Mausoleum is a giant building and attracts thousands of visitors daily (except Mondays) and contains the tightest security measures I have seen in China. To visit here is free, the line to enter snakes its way around the square but is constantly moving, you should allow 1-2 hours wait before finding yourself at the front of the line. There are metal detectors to go through before entry is permitted and anyone in possession of a camera is not permitted inside. It is quite an experience to see the awe this man is still held in today in China as you file past his body, the visit itself is over in just a few minutes.

The square is open daily from just before dawn until 10pm, access to the square is only by walkways under the road. Security checks are conducted at these points with all bags having to go through x-ray machines.

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I am so grateful you are there in China to first hand give me this information.I am out of votes so will buzz and twitter.

I would love to visit China but in the meantime I will read your articles about it!

Enjoy China :))

China is an interesting place.

Coming back to again read your valuable article.